Wake up World:
Plea For A Troubled Planet!

“At some point, we all have to sit down to a banquet of consequences!’

Robert Louis Stevenson

I believe this is the most important newsletter or article I have ever written. 

As I stated a few days ago, my deepest concerns are not about Covid-19, as I honestly do not fear for my own safety in any way from these pathogens. Why, I will explain later. Having said that, I know the virus is real and a huge problem world-wide. It has contributed to many people’s deaths, just as other  microbes have contributed to untold deaths throughout history. It would be churlish to say otherwise. I have genuine pity for those suffering and their families, as every loss of life is someone’s close relative or friend. However, my deep concerns are far more serious than the Covid-19 virus. I am seriously concerned for the future of life on earth on Planet- Plastic as we know it. We seem to be learning no lessons from history, and this is alarming, indeed frightening.

I am not going to wrestle with notions of conspiracies from on high, that 5g is to blame for the virus, that is an act of bio-terrorism or that it is part of a New  World Order for the elite to dominate the world. I do not know what lies beneath, and at the moment in this precarious time, it is irrelevant anyway. We are confronted by a crisis and need to seek enlightened answers very quickly, as every day we lurch from bad news to worse.

 I know what I write can help the world, because I know it has helped me, my family, some of my friends and literally thousands of my patients over the years. Because of that, I know it can also help YOU.

I realize the authorities are doing their best with what they know, based on the paradigms of health and disease they were taught. I also know that they are groping in the dark. The politicians and medical experts are frightened, and their countenances cannot hide that fact. They are throwing the dice, and hoping it works. Their measures of ‘flattening the curve” over an extended time frame mean they are in a race to see who blinks first- the virus or the world economy. Only one country is taking a different tack, and that is Holland.

The Novel Virus Needs a Novel Approach!

During my training in Allied Health, I had the great fortune to meet a man who would change my life forever. His name was Dr Alec Burton and he was Head of our Osteopathic School. He introduced me and my colleagues to a new paradigm of health and disease, radically different than the models of modern medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic and even naturopathy. It was unique.

This beautiful, simple, gentle and enlightened approach to health and disease is called Natural Hygiene (NH). It is that branch of Biology that relates to the preservation and restoration of health. NH seeks to embody a correct science and art of care of both the well and the sick, and is founded on physiological and biological truths. It is based on the laws of life and defers to the living and self-healing powers of the living organism. The application of NH’s basic principles could save thousands of lives in this current crisis, as it has saved countless lives from both acute and chronic diseases in the past.

I also am not naive. I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night! I know that the messages I share here would be rejected by the medical profession (save for those medical doctors who in their wisdom have embraced NH principles already) and the governing authorities, despite never having had investigated them. It has been that way since NH was discovered almost 200 years ago. Today, it is regarded almost as heresy to say that the human body has the inner capacity to heal itself, so much power and influence do Big Pharma and modern medicine have over people’s lives. Knowing that, this life-saving wisdom is not meant for them. It is meant for YOU, in that the profound wisdom can help you and your loved ones should you end up in a personal health crisis, including Covid-19.

The Human Body is Self-Developing, Self- Repairing and Self-Defending.

Every cell in the body operates intelligently in its own interests! All cells, organs and systems are programmed for survival. The historical record proves that. Each aperture (10 in total) of the body has multi-purposes, apart from its normal functions. Each has the capacity to discharge toxins when necessary, as NH has been teaching for over 150 years, reducing the toxic load. 

Pathogenic microbes (capable of disrupting us) are kept in check by our beneficial microbes, a balance in life called homeostasis. When we depart homeostasis, mainly (not all) through poor and unhealthy dietary and lifestyle behaviors, that delicate ecological and microbial balance is disturbed. The human body, then, intelligently, goes into action, modifying its biological processes and functions in order to regain balance and survive. How does it modify its functions? By initiating symptoms, which we call sickness. We vomit, get a runny nose, evolve a fever, a cough, experience diarrhoea, or discharge from any orifice. These symptoms are survival modifications. They are “allies in disguise” and are not to be feared, or viewed as anathema to health. They are the opposite. They are pro-life, not anti. They are a form of biological protest, indicating a change of behavior is needed. NH sees this as part of the body’s recovery from its internal derangement, or toxicity. And this makes sense: when we imbibe contaminated food or drink, we vomit or get diarrhoea; we inhale smoke- we cough and sneeze; we develop an infection- we evolve a fever. There are many more examples and they all speak to the inherent defensive instincts of the human organism. We are intelligently designed. Each cell has intelligent direction, and the capacity for intelligent rejection!

It was very reassuring to read a prominent medical doctor, with a wide public profile, Dr Joe Kosterich, pen an article which shows he also doesn’t see this through the typical medical germ-phobic lens. The article was in AusDoc Medical Observer on the 18th of March. Here it is again, called It’s Not the End of the World! from his own web site:

I have condensed it, distorting none of his message in doing so:

“It is staggering to see how people respond to what is essentially a cold-like illness…..it is similar to the annual influenza season. It is also a fact that this virus cannot and will not be contained.

“Have you heard anyone in authority say that getting adequate sleep, eating a nutritious diet with good amounts of vitamins and minerals …all help immune function… have they said that regular exercise and managing stress also support the immune system? Of course not. That would be far too useful and simple.”

It’s the economic repercussions of this virus- hysteria which are the main concern, not the virus itself.

The Medical Approach to Germs and Covid-19:

The medical approach to microbes, including viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, has always been to treat them as an enemy and destroy them by drugs or vaccines. It is a germ warfare, where the germ or microbe (any microbe) is perceived as a random invader, over which the human body has no natural defense or protection. This is obviously seen with the profligate abuse of antibiotics in the past 50 years, leading of course to what has now been called by the WHO an “international medical crisis”, as the bacteria simply become stronger and smarter, leading to antibiotic resistance.

In the case of Covid-19, there are no drugs or vaccines. This is very scary territory for the medical profession, because they have no weapons (drugs) to wage battle with. On the 19th March, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated  the world “is at war with a virus” and said that “a global recession — perhaps of record dimensions — is a near certainty.” In the Australian National Review of Saturday the 21st March, the front-page emblazened : “It’s War!” These military metaphors are standard medical language. War on the virus is declared, in order to protect a perceived powerless and defenseless public.

So to what can modern medicine resort without their “battle weapons”?

Their only fall-back is to try and slow the spread of the virus by social interventions which we are well aware of, and then drugs to stop the body’s symptoms like fever, pain, inflammation and at times coughing. This routine protocol of symptom-suppression increases the risk of complications.

Three Problems:

First, there are no guarantees the social constraints will work.  All countries around the world follow this approach, except Holland.

Second, it means that all those social measures mentioned above extend over many months, thereby potentially devastating the Australian and world economies.  The outcome of this this approach is precarious, depending on “who blinks first”.

Thirdly, it misses the most obvious and most important: YOUR health, MY health, and indeed every individual’s health. We are the most important piece of this crisis.

How can the Chief Medical Officer, the man who is the top of the tree in Health Australia, not mention one word of advice on how we can all lift our health as individuals and as a community, thereby improving our immune systems and mitigating much of the virus’ impact? Does the Chief Medical Officer not know that infectious disease does not just involve the virus. It also involves the host- you and me. The healthier we become, the less toxic we become, the greater our vitality, the more efficient our organ systems become- including our immune system, and the less likely we are to become sick, either from infectious agents or chronic disease. This not physics- it is common sense!

Kudos to Dr Kosterich for bravely stating in his article’s comments’ section:   “Fair call! There is little reason for people to have any faith in government or big public health”.

The Natural Hygiene Approach to Avoiding/Recovering From Infections:

The following is what I do, and what other doctors and people around the world do who are guided by Natural Hygiene principles and practices. 

It is how I live my life, in order to be as healthy, fit and as happy as possible in this short time we all have on this threatened orb! This is what I have been teaching my patients and seminar attendees for many years. This way of life also assures me, and anyone with the sense to adopt it, the best chance to avoid chronic disease and acute disease and maintain youthful vitality and robustness throughout life. 

Let’s be clear. This article is not advising you to do anything. This is my way and the way of thousands of others. It has been the Natural Hygiene teachings for 150 years, based on science and wisdom. You make your own mind up. How do I know it works? One reason is anecdotal:

I have had countless people over the years consult me complaining of repeated infections- viral, bacterial, parasitic etc. Mostly, they have first tried conventional drug approaches, sometimes for years, only to find short term relief is followed by more, and often increasing, suffering. I am often their last resort. When they change their diets and some aspects of their lifestyle as I suggest, they turn their health around. At any age. Patients with recurrent, annual flu for years, who see me desperate for advice and telling me they do not want the flu shot, NEVER get the flu again through diet and lifestyle change only. Never! Provided they avoid the causes of disease and supply their bodies and minds with the conditions of health. Humans are survival machines, with complex and highly effective immune systems ready to do their part, provided we do our part.

Five principles Of Prevention:

1) Eat a plant-based diet. Do not eat animal foods in any significant amount- and eschew all dairy foods. To get the health of the food, eat the whole of the food. Eat salads and fruit daily. Much of your diet should be raw. Also include lightly steamed vegetables regularly, especially greens. Include beans, legumes, nuts and seeds and some whole grains (note: caution on gluten). This helps build better immunity, reduces animal suffering, reduces pollution and also raises our empathy and compassion. Avoid CRAP food-(Calorie-Rich- Antioxidant Poor)

KEY POINT: DO NOT OVEREAT! This also encourages opportunistic infections. What you cannot digest, unfriendly microbes will!

2) Avoid ALL stimulants– alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. These substances are nerve leaks and energy thieves, among other things. They weaken your system, and one of the main reasons many people are TATT (Tired All The Time). Avoid chronic tiredness at all costs, because a tired body is a vulnerable body! 

3) Do Not Soldier-ON! Listen to your body- it is the best doctor in the world. Do not routinely push yourself- it promotes cellular and mitochondrial exhaustion, imbalance and increased vulnerability. Soldiering-on kills more people than soldiering! Athletes who push themselves often get infections- this is common knowledge. As Dr Bernie Siegel stated in his book Prescriptions for Living: “Your body never lies to you, unless its drugged”;

4) Exercise regularly and moderately. Caveat: Do not exercise if tired or sick. This is critical. Exercising when exhausted or sick is an open invitation to infections, and that includes Covid-19;

5) Repair Time: Get lots of sleep, some regular rest, some sunshine and as much fresh air as possible.

Talking of sunshine, I consider the closing of Bondi Beach in Sydney yesterday (because >500 people gathered), beyond belief. The benefits of moderate sunshine (the best disinfectant and source of the immune-enhancing vitamin D), fresh air off the water into the lungs, stress relief getting into nature with friends and relatives, having fun which releases endorphins and serotonin and other immune-boosting compounds, are profoundly beneficial, and far outweigh any perceived dangers. How can going home to a stuffy house/flat for hours with electronics probably on, listening to the fear-driven news, be more beneficial than the above? In addition, in a very recent scientific study, heat, humidity and warmth have scientifically been shown to help mitigate Covid-19 transmission. Read here:


We have to all abide by the government’s decisions to be sure, but I do not agree with it. It shows how removed the medical profession is from a true understanding of health and its biological requirements.

The Natural Hygiene Approach to Acute Disease Recovery:

Please read my newsletter about George Washington, Dr Trall and Present-Day Flu Deaths here:


Dr Trall and his book “The True Healing Art”

If you read the link above about Dr Russell Trall treating countless cholera, typhoid, typhus, pneumonia, smallpox and other diseased patients over a 16 year period between 1846-62 with not one fatality, what measures did he employ?


He let the fever run its course, giving only water and no food OR drugs whatsoever. His prescription included plenty of fresh air, total quiet and complete bed rest. His patients were not bled, cauterized, fumigated, lanced, drugged, supplemented, massaged, given hot/cold compresses, exercised, exorcised, woken up for blood tests, or in any way interfered with. All types of infectious diseases responded by DEVOLVING into remission and recovery, provided his patients fully complied. His book The True Healing Art elucidates his work.

In the Spanish Flu of 1918 also alluded to in the link, we see the results of a similar approach in Brookline, USA when all hospitals were full and drugs had run out : “sunshine, fresh air and a fruit and water diet, which daily produced miraculous results. From the first, results were startling. Many were severe pneumonia cases, and for the first time since the epidemic began there was hope that the unknown virus might yet be defeated with nature’s own weapons”  (Reference in link).

It was pleasing to see Dr John McDougall (www.drmcdougall.com) confirm the idea of not eating if not hungry in his podcast on Covid-19. He lives and works near one of the world’s fasting experts, Dr Alan Goldhamer, in California, and has had much contact with Alan over the years.

Desistance, not assistance is needed when we become sick enough to not want to eat or develop a fever. There are occasional times when assistance is required, but early interception with the methods discussed obviates the need for any assistance in most cases. Fasting when sick is the ultimate form of desistance.  Animals do it. Babies and children do it, then they grow up and become adults, disbelieve their instincts, and with often great adverse consequence, tragically believe the fallacy that eating keeps strength up. Compounding the problem, adults then medicate and subdue their life-saving symptoms with fever-suppressants and other drugs. It’s a recipe to turn benign symptoms into a life-and death struggle in a matter of a few days. This is often how acute disease evolves from minor symptoms into a tragedy- and then people blame it on the virus!

Fasting and bed rest allows us to retreat, recover and return. It allows the body to fully benefit from its own intrinsic healing powers, what was called 150 years ago: Vis Medicatrix Naturae, or The Healing Power of Nature. Disregarding nature can have dire consequences.

Further, one of the greatest doctors in the world today, Dr Joel Fuhrman, stated in his wonderful book ‘Eat to Live’: anything that takes away symptoms rapidly or makes you feel better rapidly, is likely to be a health hazard.” What profound words.

In conclusion:

The Natural Hygiene approach will never gain mainstream acceptance. It involves change. It involves self-awareness and self-responsibility. It involves taking personal control, not being controlled. It is unprofitable- who makes money out of people eschewing meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, C.R.A.P. food and then fasting on water if sick? Who makes money when people stop and rest and not soldier-on? The answer is self-evident.

Western society is no longer a wisdom-based culture. We are the sickest we have ever been. Our children have more chronic disease than ever. Mental health issues are epidemic, as are the chronic scourges of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune illnesses and many others. We are the fattest generation in history. Americans spend more on health care (health scare!) than any other country, and are one of the unhealthiest, with one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world and a declining adult life- expectancy, believe it or not. Institutional greed and corruption is everywhere.

We have destroyed 50% of animal life on earth in the past 50 years since 1970, and have obscenely polluted our Mother.

We have been encouraged by vested interests to embark on a consumption orgy and hedonic treadmill for years, with record personal debt, corporate malfeance and institutional moral bankruptcy.

We have been easily led and easily fed!

Modern medicine is itself bi-polar. It saves suffering and lives on the one hand in emergency medicine, and on the other is the 3rd leading cause of death in America, and no different here. Doctors are taught little about nutrition and nothing about fasting! Any teachings on lifestyle are glacially slow. The marriage of medicine to BigPharma has been a Dr Jekell and Mr Hyde consummation, with the marriage vows being In drugs We Trust!!

What medicine doesn’t know is hurting people!

While the world in crisis waits with bated breath for the promised you- beaut anti-viral drugs and vaccine for Covid-19, the life-saving, indeed world-saving wisdom of Natural Hygiene is derided and neglected from on-high.

We urgently need an outbreak of common sense! The problem is that if that did occur, Merck would find a vaccine for it!

This wake up call to the world is a call for personal and institutional transformation. It is urgent, for all of us, me included.

We all need to evaluate in order to elevate! Now!

The call will certainly fall on deaf ears at the highest levels, as I hold no Panglossian optimism here. 

My hopes and prayers are that it will not fall on your deaf ears. If it helps one person anywhere during this crisis, the 3 days to write it, lost sleep and some heart-felt tears will have been worth it.

If you found it useful, share it wide and far. You never know whose life it could help.

My only request is feedback- positive or negative if you are so kind. It’s much appreciated, and I sincerely valued your comments last article.

Lastly, as Dr Herbert Shelton, the greatest health educator and Natural Hygienist who ever lived, stated:

Let there be truth, though the Heavens fall around us!