Healthy Weight Loss

At least 70% of the adult population carries too much weight for their own health, according to noted Life Extension experts Drs John McDougall and Joel Fuhrman. Dr Roy Walford, author of the book “The 120 Year Diet” has stated that the greatest threat to mankind’s health is not the ozone layer, famine or pollution, but being overweight.

At our Health for Life Clinic, we routinely see patients lose substantial weight when they adopt our high-nutrient-per calorie food and nutrition program. We do not focus on the weight of the person but the ENERGY and HEALTH of the person.

Tired people NEVER lose weight!

Although Greg has been saying this for over 20 years, it is only recently that science has proven it. When we help our patients apply natural principles which quickly sees their energy return, not only do their health problems improve, but at the same time their weight falls off, much to their delight.

Even those with chronic neck, back and spinal problems find that this approach, in conjunction with our osteopathic treatment, sees them gain energy, lose weight (if needed) and relieve their discomfort.

Too often the conventional approach to losing weight focusses on exercise and calorie restriction. People tell us they attend the gym three times a week, increase their lo-fat, lo-carb foods and end up getting more tired and more frustrated because it doesn’t lead to sustained weight loss. Exercise and calorie control DO NOT WORK!

When you apply the principles of building natural energy, weight loss occurs automatically. It becomes a side effect, so to speak, of applying these principles.

To help people lose weight, we help them regain their natural energy. By doing this, they become less TOXIC! This is what is often called detoxification. Becoming less toxic means becoming CLEANER! This refers to inner cleanliness. A cleaner system means a more efficient metabolism, which in turn leads to easy, automatic and naturalweight loss.

And as a bonus, the person actually reverses their biological age. This means they becomeyounger.

More energy, less toxic, lighter and younger! This is our promise to you when you adopt our ‘gain energy, lose weight’ health plan.