Take Back Control of Your Health in 21 Days!

If you are not happy with your current state of health or are simply wanting to expand your knowledge of true health, then this 3 webinar, 7 Email program is not to be missed. Please Note: ALL 3 presentations are Webinars, and they are recorded for your future viewing and reference.


Entire series: $45 ( 3 Webinars plus 7 High Impact emails )


Any single Webinar: $20

Webinar 1: Friday May 17th: – 7-9.30pm

Topic 1: The 5 Key Principles to Turn Your Health Around in the 21 Days Covering the 3 Webinars: Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health).

Topic 2: Modern Medicine- the Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Dr Mark Donohoe (President of ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine).

Webinar 2: Monday May 27th: 7-9.30pm

Topic 1: Explaining the Integrative Medical Approach to Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Long Glandular Fever, Long Epstein Barr Virus and Complex Immune Issues– Dr Mark Donohoe.

Topic 2: Diagnosing Diets: From the Atkins Diet in the early 70’s, to Paleo to Keto to Vegetarian to Vegan to Nutritarian to Carnivore. Never be confused again!! Dr Greg Fitzgerald.

Webinar 3: Friday June 7th: 7- 8.30pm

Topic: Wholistic Nutrition and Exercise For All Ages: Avoid or reverse sarcopenia, osteopenia and osteoporosis! How to gain strength, improve tone and shape AT ANY AGE! How to combine age-appropriate activity with other life-style strategies to improve your muscles, bones and joints!



7 Emails to guide you during the 21 days. Included in these emails will be over 20 attachments of relevant articles from the scientific and health literature: 

Email 1 Sat 18th May: Webinar Summary and Nutrition Game Plan for the 21 Day Program: The truth about reversing your biological age, toxicity, inflammation, acid and alkaline and raw and cooked foods.

Email 2 Tuesday 21st May: The Detoxification Paradox: Why feeling Better is Getting Worse and Feeling Worse is Getting Better!

Email 3 Friday 24th May: Advanced Fasting and Time- Restricted Eating Insights.

Email 4 Monday 27th May: Let’s Be Transparent: Lifestyle and Nutrition Mistakes Greg and Dawn have made over the years which you can learn from!

Email 5 Thursday 30th May: Understanding Inflammation: Friend, Not Foe.

Email 6 Sunday 2nd June: Rebuilding Your Nervous System.

Email 7 Wednesday 5th June: Oh, My Aching Back! Dealing Naturally with the Epidemic of Back and Neck Pain.


The link to a recent Webinar by Greg titled the “7 Key Principles of Natural Hygiene/Health” will be emailed to you before the first webinar. This Webinar Greg rated as one of the best and most important he has ever given. These 7 principles will be just as relevant and helpful to your understanding of the nature of health and disease in decades to come. They represent timeless teachings and will provide a wonderful foundation for you to launch into your 21 Day Health Transformation.

About the speakers:

We are particularly excited to have Dr Mark Donohoe share his wisdom, knowledge, warmth and humour with us in his 2 webinar talks. Mark has been practicing medicine for 4 decades and is one of Australia’s leading Integrative Doctors. He is, no less, President of ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) and a Fellow of the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, seeing patients with complex health conditions from all around the world. His approach is to firstly maximize the human body’s innate healing abilities before resorting to other interventions. Mark’s aim is to empower the audience not only to superior health and wellness but also to discern the good, the bad and the ugly of modern medicine so they can become discerning consumers of their own health care.

Greg Fitzgerald has been the principal osteopath, chiropractor and Naturopath at Health for Life Centre in Sydney for over 40 years and has written and lectured widely on Natural Hygiene/Health. He will also be speaking at this years’ American National Health Associations 3 -Day Conference held in Cleveland Ohio in June  and at the Australian Natural Health Society’s annual Conference in July this year.


Do I have to sit any tests or exams? No tests are given.

Do I have to follow the program? No! You choose what and how you implement the suggestions made. Obviously, the greater the adherence the greater the health benefits you enjoy.

What if I miss a webinar on the night? All Webinars will be recorded and emailed to you for your future reference. So any time in future you want to revisit this program, you have it in a folder ready to go.

What if I have questions during the 21 days about food or any health topic? Greg and Dawn encourage questions via email, and will promptly attend to your queries via return email.

Our aim is to empower you to better health AND greater health awareness. This program is very reasonably priced so as not to see anyone miss out. For the cost a a few cups of coffee you can have the blue-print to the new you! Don’t let poor health ruin your quality and enjoyment of life!

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