Healthy Meal Suggestions

Breakfast Suggestions:

Diluted fresh fruit juice;
Fresh fruit (summer) / Stewed fruit (winter);
Smoothie /Soy/Almond/Rice milk with fruit;
Fresh fruit and nuts;
Brown rice cakes with banana and tahini;
Wholemeal toast with nut/ fruit spread (Gluten free if intolerant to wheat);
Wholemeal toast with avocado, mushroom and tomato;
(Gluten free if intolerant to wheat);
Buckwheat pancakes with berries and maple syrup;
Wholegrain cereal with non dairy milk;
Wholegrain oat porridge with non dairy milk;
Quinoa porridge with non dairy milk.

Lunch Suggestions:

Open salad sandwiches;
Salad wraps;
Baked veges and salad;
Brown rice/quinoa salad and raw veges

Buddha salad bowls;
Wholemeal/pulse pasta salad and raw veges;
Quinoa salad and raw veges;
Vege soup and wholemeal or gluten free toast;
Vege pie and salad;
Vege sushi rolls;
Wholegrain crackers with avocado and tomato;
Fruit and Nuts;
* Animal protein with salad/ veges.

Dinner Suggestions:

Wholemeal/pulse pasta with veges or salad;
Stir fry mixed veges with tofu;
Vegetable dahl with steamed rice and veges;
Chickpea and sweet potato stew with quinoa;
Bean tacos / enchiladas with salad;
Baked veges with avocado /beans / hummus;
Vege soup with/without wholemeal or gluten free toast;
Vege pie and salad;
Warm brown rice and chickpea salad with veges;
Fruit and nuts;
Smoothie / fruit / almond / rice / soy /quinoa;
*Animal protein with salad / veges.