Weight Loss

Tired People Never Lose Weight

I have been advising patients for years that they would not lose weight if they were chronically exhausted. Some doctors informed these patients that this advice had no basis in fact. One of the serious causes of weight gain is the effects of caffeine long term.

Now all that has changed. The latest research has conclusively proven that children, teenagers and young adults are far more likely to be overweight if they are getting insufficient or inadequate sleep, and hence become chronically tired. This applies to all ages.

It takes energy to burn fat. Also, tired people suffer from slower metabolic rates, which means they burn fuel (food) slower than if their metabolic rate was higher.

Weight loss occurs more readily when the person changes their diet to a basically hygienic diet, eats when hungry, drinks when thirsty, rests until their energy returns and avoids all stimulants, refined sugars and alcohol. These things all lead to increased metabolic rate, which is a result of overall health improvement.

There are two important points regarding chronic low energy. Firstly, as mentioned metabolic rate drops and weight loss is far more difficult. Secondly, when the person is very tired it is very common for self-discipline to fly out the window and self-indulgence to fly in. We lose our discipline and give in to ourselves too easily. This is normal. Protect your energy.

When energy returns, this is the signal that some activity is now appropriate. In fact, activity now becomes absolutely critical to sustainable and healthy weight loss.

In future issues we will discuss the various types of activity. No matter what age the person is, health can be improved, weight can be lost, muscle tone improved and premature disease avoided. Remember, movement is life and the cessation of movement is death.


For those who feel time constraints preclude them from doing some activity or exercise, do little sessions frequently. Ten minutes of non-stop walking every day is invaluable, compared to doing nothing. Ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there, twenty minutes occasionally will make a big difference in the long run.

It is highly advised to prioritise some regular, rhythmical activity at least 4-5 times a week. It would be no exaggeration to say that our lives depend on i


Loneliness and isolation will often be psychological triggers for weight gain and health decline.

Many studies show that those people who have active social networks (not overcommitted however) are healthier, happier and leaner than those who feel isolated. Those people who desire to lose weight, it has been shown, do far better when they feel that someone is there to talk to them and encourage them regularly.

It is very important to receive support while losing weight and getting healthier, however here is a little secret that will elevate you to greater success in your endeavours: offer encouragement and praise to others who also could do with it. It costs nothing, takes hardly any time and makes you feel better about yourself, thus leading to higher self-esteem, confidence and greater self-discipline. Start today. But be sincere. The encouragement or praise must come from the heart with no hidden agenda. We do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that gives it.