About Us

We are a friendly, multi-disciplinary natural health centre helping people with a wide range of health and musculo-skeletal problems.

The clinic conducts osteopathic, chiropractic, counselling and naturopathic treatments for all ages.

All Health for Life practitioners share a common philosophy: that each person has the capacity and potential to improve their current health situation with the right treatment and advice.

This philosophy is based on the fact that healing is a biological process. If certain conditions are met, then health improvement is predictable and inevitable. As all our practitioners are trained in this knowledge and wisdom, we are proud to state that our record of success in helping people recover their health and function is extemely high.

We combine the latest cutting-edge treatments with personalised nutrition advice, exercise, self help strategies and other lifestyle recommendations. This combination ensures you have the best posible chance of health recovery.

We are situated at 24a Alkaringa Rd, Gymea Bay 2227. Sydney. Our contact details are: 9540 1962 or 0424246847 should you have any enquires. Alternatively you can email info@healthforlife.com.au

The Health for Life Centre also conducts a variety of natural health courses and seminars. Organised and conducted by Dr. Greg and Dawn Fitzgerald, both of whom have lectured in the health field both in Australia and internationally, the courses include the very popular 21 Days to Transform Your Health Program.

Our History

Formerly Cronulla Osteopathic and Naturopathic Clinic, the Cronulla Health for Life Centre was the first clinic of its type in Cronulla and one of the first in the shire.

In operation since 1984, the Health for Life Centre also conducts health courses and seminars for the public through the Cronulla College of Natural Therapies, the first College of its type in southern Sydney.

The Centre was originally opened in 1983 by Dr. Greg Fitzgerald, who has remained the principal ever since.

Dr. Greg Fitzgerald

He has also spoken at the Australian Osteopathic Association’s Annual Conference to members of his own profession.
Greg has written many articles for various health publications, including the Australian Natural Health Society and the American National Health Association.
As part of his mission to educate the public, he has also produced CD’s and DVD’s on subjects such as osteoporosis, immunity, fasting and digestive disorders.
Greg and Dawn live in the Sutherland Shire with their three children, all of whom have been raised along the same principles Greg teaches his patients and students.

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Over the years, many osteopaths and naturopaths have started their careers under Dr. Fitzgerald and subsequently established successful practices of their own.
As well as providing individual consultations to countless people over the years, the Health for Life centre, under the leadership of Greg, has also conducted many seminars and health programs, for professionals and the public alike.
We are proud of the fact that the Health for Life Centre, with Dr. Greg Fitzgerald its Principal, has an unblemished record in treating tens of thousands of people over many years.

Core Values

It would be fair to say that everyone values their health. Without it, nothing can be fully enjoyed.

We at Health for Life place health as one of our top values. Most people would agree with us.

Everyone has values in life, which then drives priorities.

One of our main values is our commitment to help as many people
as possible achieve pain-free and vibrant health.

If you value your health and pain-free living highly, we will do all we can to help you achieve it and are confident you will be satisfied with the results you experience.

The Importance of Health:

“In matters of finance, ignorance can be costly.
In matters of relationships, ignorance can be lonely.
In matters of health however, ignorance can be fatal.”

- Dr. Greg Fitzgerald