Inflammation Part 2: The Causes Behind The Causes

The word inflammation has been cleverly and unofficially re-defined by the pharmaceutical industry to evoke fear and dread amongst the masses. This has resulted in huge profits for the drug companies as people routinely suppress any inflammation they may experience. It has also led to an unnecessary suppression of a vital body symptom, swapping the immediate comfort of less pain and inflammation for a more toxic body which becomes more disease-prone.

The medical profession has been complicit in this fear-mongering. Doctors are taught that anti-inflammatory drugs (A-I’s) are the first-line choice when a patient with any inflammation presents.

Hence, we have the average person in Australia (all ages) taking almost 12,000 A-I’s and pain killers in their lifetime, according to the ABS in 2011.

Auto-Immune Disease:

One of the most common categories of inflammatory disease today is auto-immune illness, of which there are over 80. These are chronic diseases involving any part of the body, where, it is theorised, the body’s defence mechanisms (immune systems) go awry, and instead of attacking foreign substances, attacks the body itself.

If the gut is involved, the 2 main ones are ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease. If the joints and/or muscles are involved, rheumatoid arthritis or poly-myalgia-rheumatica could be the diagnosis. When the nerves become inflamed and irritated the label could be multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s. When the eyes and mouth membranes become dry the label would be Sjogren’s. With the bones, it would be osteoporosis. If the pancreas is the target, diabetes type 1 and so on. Two common denominators amongst all of them is chronic inflammation and chronic lethargy. Many of these illnesses involve a primary target organ or system, but can also affect other organs/systems as well.

The medical go-to treatment is immune-suppressing drugs and long-term anti-inflammatory medication. Cortico-steroids are commonly prescribed. These are very strong drugs which over-ride the body’s natural sensations. Please keep in mind that the stronger the drugs, the stronger the side-effects as well.

The popular narrative is that such inflammation, unless it is suppressed, will lead to symptom-worsening and tissue destruction over time, so immune-suppressive and A-I medication is prescribed as soon as possible.

Inflammation is viewed as THE cause of damage, disability and dysfunction, and almost the entire medical profession sings from that playbook. Although, as stated, these drugs have serious adverse side-effects, and have even proved fatal, most patients, out of desperation and fear of damage to their bodies, consent to long-term usage.

Missin’ the Bleedin’ Obvious:

The obvious question is: what causes the inflammation? If inflammation is a natural, defensive response to tissue irritation, what, then, is irritating the body to the degree that it mounts a chronic inflammatory pattern?

The medical playbook says that such diseases are almost all idiopathic, which means the causes(s) are unknown. When any professional in any field admits to not knowing the cause of a problem , then they are flying blind.

If you view medical official websites like The Mayo Clinic or Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), and click on causes for auto-immune diseases, you will find not one word on nutrition. They are all causes unknown.

It is beyond belief that the person’s daily eating and living habits are totally overlooked. With the exception of smoking, which is now universally condemned, lifestyle and living habits are completely ignored, with the only vague lifestyle recommendation being to lose weight (if overweight).

Why is there such an explosion of inflammation and auto-immune diseases over the past 15-25 years? We have been called the inflammation nation!

Although the Public Health and medical stance on nutrition is that it has nothing to do with inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, the truth is that it has everything to do with them.

But we must not only implicate nutrition as causative factors in these health issues. Any behaviours which add to the individual’s enervation (energy depletion) and toxaemia (toxic state) will contribute to the development of disease, and one of the first signs of this is inflammation.

So it behoves all of us, but especially those who are suffering, to examine all of our lifestyle behaviours, from the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the sleep we do not get, the rest we deny ourselves, the movement we get too little or too much of, the drugs we take, the commitments we overload ourselves with, the worry and stress we accept as normal, the meaning we might lack in our lives and the attitude we go through life with. And underlying all these volitional choices we make lies our genetic predisposition, which is one of the least important variables because of the way our behaviour has been shown to modify our gene expression. This is the recent science of epigenetics. However, our genes do play some minor role.

The Causes Behind the Causes.

Next time you hear that inflammation has damaged someone, be aware that what really did the damage were the behaviours that necessitated the body to mount the inflammation.

Poor nutritional choices, excesses or deficiencies of anything, drugs of any description including vaccines, inappropriate rest and sleep and so on are the real causes of inflammation and auto-immune diseases.

Inflammation is simply a message sent by the body, stating “wake up! Make changes! Change your game plan! Stop doing what is provoking me! Please!!!”


The real cause of chronic inflammation is chronic provocation! Provocation leads to irritation leads to inflammation. And instead of heeding the body’s wake- up call, the person pops an anti-inflammatory drug and is then advised to take stronger drugs if an auto-immune illness is diagnosed. After the appointment, the poor patient goes home and continues the provocation without giving it a second thought, oblivious to the silent damage occurring within their bodies.

It is of no concern to the doctor or specialist what your micro-behaviours during the preceding 24 hours were: the alcohol, the caffeine, the dairy, the meat, the processed food, the soldiering-on habit, what time you got to bed…. the list goes on.

Don’t Confuse Cause and Effect:

Following any fatal heart attack, the cause of death is attributed to the heart attack itself. The heart attack however, was the effect, not the cause. The real cause(s) were the volitional choices the person made over many years. Heart attacks do not “attack”. They evolve or develop over many years, until the final protest tragically becomes a fatal one.

Eighty years ago when people died of cancer, smoking was never regarded as a primary cause. Today it is, so we have made progress in acknowledging tobacco as a cause of cancer, heart disease and strokes, and myriad other health problems. One day in a more enlightened time, we will acknowledge the causative role played by many of our lifestyle and nutritional behaviours. To re-emphasise, people do not die from heart disease, strokes, cancer, asthma, auto-immune diseases, osteoporosis or most other chronic illnesses. They die from what caused the illnesses. These are the causes behind the causes. They are the real causes. The immediate precipitating cause of a heart attack would be the blockage of blood to the heart muscle, but the real causes were what caused the arteries to become blocked in the first place. The law of cause and effect is not a man-made law. It is a law of nature and can never be repealed.

By maintaining these provocative habits we continue to suffer, because the real causes remain ignored. This leads to further provocation, irritation and inflammation of our tissues, leading to break downs in other organs as well. This results in co-morbidities (many diseases). Many ills, many pills and many bills!

When the Game-Plan Changes, the Outcome Changes:

If you or a loved one are suffering from any illness or chronic inflammation, do not accept the mantra of “we do not know the cause”. Look to your own behaviours, nutrition and lifestyle and be prepared to step outside the box and adopt a new game plan.

I well recall John Lee (he has given permission to cite his name and story, and has in fact given testimonials at some of our seminars) who, at 43, saw me in 1987 with severe rheumatoid arthritis. He could barely shake hands and could not run to save his life, so inflamed, painful and swollen were his hands and knees. His rheumatologist put him on strong meds and stated categorically there was nothing he could do to help himself except take strong medications for life. The food he ate was completely irrelevant. John was not overweight, never smoked and was quite fit, and felt quite amused when I advised him to alter what he was putting in his mouth.

“You mean changing what I eat will help improve the inflammation and pain I feel from this debilitating disease?” John asked. I answered that I was 100% positive there would be noticeable improvement, but just how much improvement could not be predicted. Time would tell.

After changing his diet and fasting, John became pain free. The inflammation subsided and he was able to move freely without restriction, so much so that he was able to compete in 4 Hawaiin tri-marathons, a remarkable achievement involving a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km bike ride followed by a marathon run of 42kms. Today, well over 70, John is still very active and healthy, and is still pain-free. He makes sure he avoids provoking, irritating and inflaming his body by living rationally and naturally the way he was advised 30 years ago.

Sadly, for every John in society there are hundreds who never connect the dots and simply accept the standard advice that the inflammation must be suppressed and that diet and lifestyle are irrelevant.

Life can be challenging enough without such unnecessary suffering. And with the power of the drug companies and the stranglehold the medical profession has on the media, the situation will not get better any time soon.

Here is a valuable insight: the power that grew you is the same power that can heal you, the caveat being that you need to avoid enervation and toxemia to the best of your ability.


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