If I Get Corona, Leave Me Alona!

The Coronavirus is obviously the biggest news in town. Emanating in Wuhan China, the “deadly” microbe is a novel one, differing from previous coronaviruses of SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), which has thrown the medical world into a complete tailspin. 

Every news broadcast bandies the words “deadly”and “killer”, and then the Chief Medical Officer states the public should not panic, but remain calm. Contradictory medical opinion is rampant. We are told the virus is transmissible in asymptomatic people, and then we are told it is not. Which children should miss school and be kept at home also differs according to what State the advice is given. Confusion also surrounds the virus’ reproduction number, designated as R Nought (how many people will become infected if exposed to one infected person) and how strong is the human-to-human transmission. Confusion abounds.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just declared it a Global Health Emergency, just the sixth time it has ever done this. The previous five Global Health Emergencies were in the past decade: the H1N1 Swine Flu virus (2009), West Africa’s Ebola (2013-2016), polio (2014), Zika virus (2016), and the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2019). 

The illness starts the same as the common cold- runny nose, fever, headache.

It is known that only about 20% of those with the Coronavirus will have anything other than mild illness.

The Public Health authorities advise that the main ways to protect yourself against contracting the virus are to wash hands often with soap, cook meats and eggs thoroughly, avoid close contact with sick people and avoid unprotected contact with animals.

Their advice if unwell is to cover the mouth when sneezing/coughing, use disinfectant on all things touched, wear a mask and don’t travel.

Such advice is totally inadequate. Much more needs to be advised on an individual level- plant-based nutrition, rest, sleep, avoidance of social drugs like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, appropriate activity, and other lifestyle measures. These are rarely mentioned in Public Health measures.

The WHO’s pandemic preparedness protocols to contain the spread are based on 3 actions:

1) Identification- who is sick with the coronavirus;

2) Isolation- quarantine them and

3) Therapeutics- treat them by drugging them.

Again, there is no meaningful advice on what the individual can do to improve their health.

Following a Wrong and Dangerous Paradigm

I have a huge problem with point 3- drugging those showing symptoms- and here is why. The human body has the ability to defend itself. It has an immune system, although modern medicine seems to have forgotten that fact. The body’s ability to activate a fever is a key part in our immune system’s defense. So when you read point 3 above, be aware that the drugs used are anti-retroviral drugs (to nullify the virus) and anti-pyretics (to stop the fever), plus others such as anti-nausea and anti-diarrhoea drugs. 

Humans and other mammals are endothermic animals-capable of generating our own internal heat, and fevers, irrespective of the temperature in the outside environment. Other animals like lizards are ectothermic in that they rely on outside heat (like the sun) to raise their body temperatures. Studies done on lizards injected with a pathogenic load (disease-causing toxins) show that those lizards which are able to get into the heat and become hotter survive, whereas those prevented from moving into the heat succumb to the toxic load.

Respecting, Not Fearing, Fevers!

For the body to mount a fever is tremendously energy-expensive. It takes a complex set of biochemical processes to achieve this. Chemicals called pyrogens are released. It is not done for the fun of it, but is the body working as designed. When the fever has done its job of de-marginating white blood cells to needed areas of the body and sequestering iron stores, other chemicals called cryogens are released which then lower the fever back to normal. What a wondrous survival machine the human body is!

It is the same with nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. These are all defensive, reparatory  and self-regulatory processes designed to protect the body and bring the body back into homeostasis. They are pro-life, not anti-life.

When we are exposed to potentially dangerous microbes, the human body swings into action to defend us by increasing or decreasing certain metabolic processes. When ill,  our bodies can up-regulate our temperature (fever), down-regulate our energy (lethargy), down-regulate our digestive capacity (we don’t feel hungry- called anorexia), increase our breathing rate and so on. These are protective measures which are essential for a return to optimum health.

Tragically, as I have mentioned in previous newsletters, the routine medical protocol is to instantly oppose the body’s natural language. The sick person has their fever suppressed, their nausea/diarrhoea suppressed, their cough suppressed and they are encouraged to eat generally high calorie processed foods to try and “keep their strength and weight up”.

No wonder people get sicker!

Pediatrician the late Dr Robert Mendelsohn states in his book How to Raise a Healthy Child:

“fever is a mechanism the body employs to cure itself. It is unwise to interfere with it. Fevers below 105 do not pose a significant risk, other than that of convulsions. Convulsions are frightening but rarely dangerous and probably can’t be avoided because they are not related to the height of the fever but to the rate of ascent. The penchant of doctors to prescribe drugs for the reduction of fever is one that I find appalling. Every doctor learns during medical school that for every degree of rise in temperature the rate of of travel of the disease-fighting leukocytes in the bloodstream is doubled. This process is known as leucotaxis. I cannot comprehend why a doctor would want to put the brakes on a mechanism that is striving to make his patient well.” p 124.

Biology is the science of life. These life-preserving biological processes are the essence of science- observable and reproducible. To routinely stop these processes is decidedly unscientific. Medicine prides itself on being evidence and science-based, but this is one example among many where medicine has diverged from science and evidence into what can only be described as irrational, compulsive behavior.

The routine protocol of stopping fevers is very dangerous. It moves people toward greater health complications, as is being continually demonstrated with the increasing numbers of previously healthy people dying with the flu, as distinct from dying of the flu.

In the present situation where we are told that a world pandemic is a matter of when not if, it is incredible that so few doctors are awake to this obvious truth. As medicine becomes increasingly technological, faith in nature, and the healing power of nature, correspondingly declines.

Doctors are taught that our only savior is in drugs and medical interventions and that the human body is useless and defenseless in this sea of microbes.

I call rubbish on that. All Natural Hygiene practitioners for nearly 200 years would also call rubbish on that from their graves.

If Coronavirus patients were encouraged to fast on water when anorexic and not eat a thing until the fever completely subsided, encouraged to sleep and rest in bed, get fresh air, remain quiet and let the illness run its course, without drug interference, the disease would be a toothless tiger, a little growl and no bite.

The very few fatalities would be the extremely aged, weak, ill, co-morbid and feeble whose powers of recovery are almost zero, and whose end would be expedited by any illness whatsoever.

If you get sick with any virus, what you do is entirely up to you.

But I do know what I would do.

Although it’s highly improbable:

If ever I get Corona, please leave me alona!