Healthy Meal Recipes

“We are what we eat”? or “We are what we buy”?

Both are correct, so just be careful what food items you shop for which end up in your home.
We all know how easy it is to be tempted by the wrong foods, especially if they are close at hand, so make an effort to keep highly processed food out of the house to avoid temptation.

One of the keys to keeping on track with a healthy diet is getting organised, and a good way to start is by planning a few meals out for the week. (see recipes)
Stock your pantry and fridge with essential basic ingredients that appear in your favourite recipes eg; brown rice, quinoa, red and green lentils, chick peas (canned or dried), tofu etc. and be prepared to shop frequently for fresh produce.(organic where possible is best)

We recommend a predominately plant based diet and have included a variety of seasonal recipes to suit every palate.
Be sure to include plenty of either raw or slightly steamed vegetables to some of the more concentrated dishes (eg; pulse pasta and/or chick peas) to balance out the meal.

The tempting treats are very tempting!
Although a healthier alternative to what may be available at the supermarket, we suggest these treats to be eaten sparingly as having too many will not promote good health if consumed too often.

The recipes listed are suggestions only, which will hopefully provide you with some ideas and give a bit of variety to your diet.

*We also offer personalised dietary consultations with Greg Fitzgerald should you have any health concerns and need to follow a more restricted diet. (see Contact us)