An Intensive Life is Rarely An Extensive Life

Some years back a lady in her early 50’s was seeing me for chronic neck pain, fatigue and almost daily headaches, with a history of other health problems. Working full time as a dental assistant in an intensely busy clinic, she would then go home and do the clinic’s book work and the housework. This had gone on for some years. Profound enervation (exhaustion or depleted vitality) resulted, which had manifested in the toxaemic problems she presented with. She felt, and looked, totally worn out. Osteopathic treatment was provided but at the same time I implored her many times to take some time off to rest and restore her nervous system. I informed her that treatment alone was never going to result in a return to health without adequate nerve force available.

She ignored the advice and “soldiered-on”. A few months later we heard the lady had tragically died of a stroke in the dental office she had virtually sacrificed her life for.

Another lady in her late 50’s consulted me about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, cluster headaches and thyroid (Hashimoto’s). Her diet was good, no caffeine or alcohol and she was normal weight. Being wealthy, she had consulted many of the “best” specialists and run the gamut of alternative methods, all to no avail. She and her husband were confused as to why she was so sick when she followed such a healthy diet. “Why am I so sick and look so old?” she would say in bewilderment.

The problem was she was a perennial worrier about anything and everything. Her mind had become her enemy and she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. To her, every event presented a negative side, on which she focussed. Her mind was never still. It tortured her. Her husband was laid back and calm, but she worried for both of them, and some others as well. Tragically, she died suddenly before her 60th birthday.

Both these ladies had allowed “chronic nerve leaks” to destroy not only their quality of lives but also their quantity.

Health Management Is Energy Management

As we get older our health becomes even more influenced by how we expend and conserve our energy. Energy is used by all of life’s processes, and only restored by sufficient rest, calm and sleep. Our energy is our most precious commodity, because without it, life and health cannot be enjoyed. The other biological needs of fresh air, nutrition, exercise, sunshine, hydration and satisfying relationships mean little if we continually erode our nervous systems by unnecessary nerve leaks and fail to secure adequate rest and sleep.

Such mental/emotional nerve leaks include overwork, excessive worry, unrelenting stress, perfectionism, chronic guilt, persistent fear, over-commitment, soldiering-on and long-standing anxiety and depression. It is when these leaks become chronic, day-in and day-out, not their occasional experience, that the greatest damage occurs. Like a slow leak in a tyre, they proceed to insidiously deflate our life-force.

Enervation, the chronic lack of vitality, is the foundation upon which toxaemia, pathology and disease evolves.

It is wise to continually audit our energy and manage its ebbs and flows intelligently. Our nervous system is our life battery which generates every living activity, mental and physical. It is our very life force.

Dr Herbert Shelton said it correctly 70 years ago: “most diseases have their beginnings in a reckless expenditure of energy”.

After 35 years of practice and seeing hundreds of thousands of patients, I consider enervation to be the most important, yet most poorly understood, of all disease risk factors. It is a gateway to so much tragic and unnecessary morbidity and mortality.

What Do Most People Do?

Most people try and force more energy into their already exhausted systems. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy shakes, chocolates and other sweets, vitamin, iron and mineral supplements, tonics, protein powders, herbal and homeopathic stimulants, alcohol and forced exercise are some of the ways people “treat” their exhaustion, all designed to whip a tired a horse into action. Unfortunately, this “assistance” adds fuel to the fire, becoming a “permission slip” for the person to further deplete their nervous systems.

Causes are rarely examined and even more rarely removed. It is too easy to look for the answers outside ourselves, and often too confronting to look inward and audit our way of life. Modern-day living is so stimulating and fast-paced that few people realise how tired they really are. Being busy, flat out and exhausted has almost become a badge of honour in today’s frenetically paced world. Continual busyness of the mind and body is not a badge of honour, but a ticking time bomb!

What is needed is desistance, not assistance!

Chronic Tiredness Is a Serious Issue

Never allow yourself to become chronically, profoundly enervated. Do not deplete your nervous system so badly like the two tragic cases above, as this invites a sudden health catastrophe.

Self-awareness is the first step to improvement. We need to confront our habits and our tendencies with honesty. We cannot correct what we cannot confront!

Be aware of your body, energy, moods, commitments, responsibilities and the demands you place on yourself, mentally and physically. Do not push yourself continually past your limits. Listen to your body and your inner voice, and respect what it tells you. As Dr Bernie Siegel said in his wonderfull book “Prescriptions for Living: “your body never lies to you, unless it is drugged”.

Guard your energy more diligently than you guard your finances, because in the end, energy is more important than money.

No-one can do this for you. It is a DIY job but with help and guidance it can be done, and the results are worth it. Life becomes a joy once again, because energy is life.

For those interested, consultations are available at my 2 clinics in Gymea Sydney, and I have a CD available Energy for Life: From Tired to Terrific in 21 Days which outlines a game plan to reverse enervation and toxemia and live with the vitality you deserve, which is posted world-wide. Contact Dawn by phone (0424246847), or email ( for details of either appointments or the CD.

May the force be with you!