Age is Not Toxic!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  Robert Frost: “The Road Less Traveled”

The power that grows us is the same power that heals us! The innate, silent power which enables us to grow from a microscopic egg-sperm union in utero into an adult is the SAME power that can heal us when sick and reverse disease. It is truly remarkable. This surprises many people because we have been so conditioned to believe that “external things” heal us. The truth is the human body grows itself and heals itself with that same power, or life-force. 

What has amazed me over the years is the power to heal, reverse illness and increase life-force even in old age. We all have two ages: our chronological age (calculated in years from our date of birth) and our biological age (how old our organs and our organ systems REALLY are). Someone who is 75 chronologically, could have a biological age of 55, and conversely, someone who is 55 chronologically could be 75 or older biologically. Thankfully, our biological age is modifiable or reversible, dependent upon our life-style and dietary choices. Of course ageing is not modifiable as we all must age, however, our rate of ageing IS modifiable. This is GREAT news for all of us.

In this article I want to emphasize that healing is not age-selective. The following examples are real, with real first names. The patients have given permission to use their whole names but that is unnecessary.

Nola “Shocks” Her Doctor

Nola was 84, and recommended to see me by her daughter Sandie, who had done our Transform Your Health in 21 Days Program and had received major health benefits from it. She thought her mum could also benefit. Overweight, no energy, chronically sick with upper and lower respiratory infections, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, always congested (“I’ve always got lots of mucous”), Nola was taking 8 different medications for various complaints and was, in her words, “falling apart”.

Surprisingly, her biggest desire was to be able to walk up a steep hill in her area without stopping, which she had been unable to do in 20 years.

Nola was desperate to improve her state of poor health, which she admitted was making life miserable. I emphasized that for her to improve, she had to make some dietary changes which she had never done before, and to make some other lifestyle adjustments. ‘No problem, done, if you think these changes will help me, I’ll do them, I am sick of falling apart’ she confidently replied.

Because she lived a long train-trip away, we made her next appointment 6 weeks later. To say she was thrilled when she returned was an understatement.  Nola returned 6kgs lighter, off 4 medications (overseen by her “shocked” doctor), energy high, no mucous, but more importantly, she had been able to walk up the hill after just 14 days on the program.

6 months later I received an email from her daughter Sandie: “Mum has now turned 85 and has joined the Dragon Boat Club in her town. She is a new lady. We cannot believe the changes in her. Thanks for putting her on the right path.”

 Nancy Drops 10 Kgs and 10 years Off her Biological Age in 21 Days

Nancy, 74, had to be helped to her feet by Dawn, my wife and assistant, from the waiting room chair. Her legs had lost all power, and to walk was painful. Her breathing was laboured, and she was always short of breath. She had slept poorly for many years, was exhausted (enervated), had widespread muscle and joint pain and had been on high blood pressure medication for 20 years, and yet it was still dangerously high. At 92kg she was obese, and had ongoing back problems. She was taking pain killers and anti –inflammatory drugs daily.

Nancy was due to fly out to Europe in just over 3 weeks, had paid for a 28- day European coach tour but was now thinking of cancelling due to the fact she was unable to walk properly and didn’t want to burden other tourists with her disability.

I outlined the 21 Day Program recommendations, and she said she would start immediately, as she had no time to waste. Her keenness was understandable as her trip was uninsured.

Nancy’s vitality was so low, her body so toxic, her pain so diffuse and her biological age so far over her chronological age of 74, that my usual confidence was replaced with “let’s see how you go”. To compound matters, Nancy had been this way for many years.

 But when she came in a day before her trip, 3 weeks later, even I was shocked at her rejuvenation. My wife Dawn did not have to help her rise from the waiting-room seat, as she arose unaided. In Nancy’s words:

“All my aches and pains have improved 70%. My legs are also about 70% improved, and I can walk without pain. I can get up and down from seats with no trouble. I’m sleeping better than I can remember, I’m breathing much easier and I feel overall much younger. My blood pressure is the best it’s been in 20 years, and the only medication I’m still on is my blood pressure one. I’ve lost 10 kgs and now weigh 82. I’m thrilled at how much better I feel, I’m confident I can take the coach tour now and so I’m flying out tomorrow.”

It is hard to believe that someone can lose 10 kgs in 21 days, but it happened with Nancy and it happens regularly. And as she said; “I cannot believe how easy it was”.

Bob at 86 Reverses 8- yr Peripheral Neuropathy in 7 Days

Bob attended one of my seminars with his daughter. Feeling inspired, he approached me after the talk, aided by his walking stick, and asked if he could come and see me for an appointment. “I still feel I can learn more and improve my health”, he said, “after all, I’m only 86” he said with a smile. I loved his sense of humour.

Bob had neglected his physical health all his life, yet his mind and attitude were quite remarkable. He was the typical example of poly-pharmacy (10 medications) for various health issues, which he had summarized on a sheet of paper which he brought in.

“My main problem is the excruciating pain in my feet and lower legs, which the doctors told me is peripheral neuropathy. I’ve had it for 8 years, since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes”. Bob became quite emotional: “To be honest Greg, I do not want to live any more with this pain”.

Bob had been put on endone and many other opioid medications over the years, and had seen many doctors, specialists and Pain Clinics, all to no avail. The pain kept him awake at night and ruined his life during the day. The drugs zonked him out, and he was desperate. “Do you think there’s any hope Greg?” he asked. “I can guarantee one thing Bob, and that is your health overall will improve, but whether your pain goes only time will tell.”

 Seven days later Bob came back to my office, without his walking aid. As he sat down, he looked me in the eyes and stated emotionally: “Greg, I can tell you man-to man, face-to-face, I do not have a pain in my body, let alone my feet”. Bob was understandably ecstatic. He had no need of any painkillers, and this improvement lasted until Bob passed away at age 90.

Credit Goes To a Change of Game Plan, Not Me

These case stories are not written to impress you. They are written to impress upon you one piece of great news: age is not toxic! Our chronological age is not reversible, but our biological age is. We determine how slowly or quickly we age. You can turn your energy, weight and health around in the relatively short time of 21 days with a different game-plan. You will be surprised how much energy you will gain, how much weight you will lose (if that is needed), how much better you will sleep, how much less inflammation and pain in your body you will experience and how much younger you will feel and look. You will also find your bowels improve dramatically, your skin will become clearer, your moods will improve, and you will be less anxious. When the tide rises, all the boats lift- in other words when your body becomes less toxic and inflamed, all internal organ systems improve and “become younger”.

Although these results sound too good to be true, they are possible, and the results are not that difficult to achieve. They happened above in people who were not young chronologically, but who, through adopting lifestyle and dietary changes, became much younger biologically.

Do not buy into the popular myth that we must fall apart and rattle with drugs as we age. As popular as this myth is, nothing could be further from the truth.