Covid-19 and the Wisdom of Sickness!

“The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom”

Omar Bradley

In an article I wrote in March 2020 titled “Wake Up World: Plea From a Troubled Planet” I stated that there was a different way to not only view the Covid illness, its symptoms, and other acute illnesses, but there was a more rational, effective, healthier and indeed more scientific way to manage and recover from the illness than the standard medical model of symptomatic treatment, anti-viral drugs and vaccines.

In another article I wrote in July 2019 titled: What Has George Washington Got to do with Present-Day Flu Deaths, I emphasized the Natural Hygiene approach to acute illnesses like influenza and the superior results Dr Russell Trall and other Hygienic doctors achieved when caring for hundreds of typhoid, typhus, smallpox, cholera and measles patients around the time of the American Civil War, using no drugs whatsoever. Dr Trall’s “treatment” of sick, febrile (feverish) patients consisted of no food, no drugs, bed rest, total inactivity and fresh air. He lost not one patient in 16 years using these methods. (1)

Fast forward 60 years to 1918 and the Spanish Flu, and especially impressive were the recoveries of acutely ill influenza and pneumonia patients sans hospitals, drugs and medical interventions: On Corey Hill, Brooklyn, with hospital beds full and drug supplies exhausted, the authorities placed the sick in tents on Corey Hill. Surprise, surprise, the sick quickly recovered : “Sunshine, fresh air and a fruit and water diet, daily produced miraculous results. From the first, results were startling. Many were severe pneumonia cases, and for the first time since the epidemic began there was hope that the unknown virus might yet be defeated with nature’s own weapons” (2).

In both situations, two of many examples, the less the symptoms were interfered with, the greater the survival. Leaving the body to its own devices sounds perversely counterintuitive. We are taught that sickness has to be treated with drugs. The prevailing view is that the human body is in control when it is healthy, but is out of control when sick. Nothing could be further from the truth. The human body is in control when healthy and sick. In fact, it uses sickness as a means of regaining health.

How could such important historical facts be lost? How could such wisdom be consigned to the graves in which these great thinkers lie? How is it that no doctor in Australia has ever heard of Dr Trall and his remarkable success in helping people recover from the “scourges” of infectious diseases? Why have the remarkable recoveries of these Spanish Flu patients 100 years ago never been taught to students in medical school, or indeed any other health schools? Where is the restless curiosity of scientists and epidemiologists these days? I would confidently state that not one infectious disease specialist or epidemiologist has even heard of Dr Trall or the 1918 Spanish Flu natural-healing experience.

Drowning in Information, Starving for Wisdom!

Our health-care system and its operatives are replete with great and impressive technical knowledge and information. Sadly, however, this is not matched by great wisdom. If the human body’s innate healing power was widely taught to doctors, and such simple methods as outlined above adopted, millions of lives would have been saved the past year and the world would have avoided the tumultuous social and economic fracturing we have witnessed since January 2020. In nature and health, simplicity is the greatest sophistication!

The majority of people have swallowed the popular but false narrative by our Chief Medical Officers and politicians that the virus is an “evil killer”, a “beast with tricks up its sleeve”, running amok against a defenseless humanity. Our society has become paralyzingly fearful of not only coronavirus, but microbes generally. With the sight of spike proteins rolling across television screens nightly, virus-phobia has become the biggest star in the medical galaxy. Not only have the public been conditioned to fear the virus, but they have also been told to fear each other, even loved ones. Grieving children are forbidden to hold the hands of, or even touch their dying parents or loved ones. The fear is palpable. Tragically, so is the insanity.

Will the Government and Medical Officers Keep Us Safe?

The media, medical profession, public health authorities and government have expertly conditioned the public to expect the cavalry to arrive and save them from the hostile enemy, which is the “evil” virus, (as NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard refers to it) and keep them “safe”. The cavalry here refers to symptom-suppressing drugs, anti-viral medications, repurposed or off label (“hope it works”) drugs, vaccines and public health orders like masks, social distancing, incessant hand washing, quarantining and isolation, PCR testing and contact tracing.

I’m here to tell you the cavalry is not coming, because it is already here and has been present all along. Most people, including the authorities have failed to realize that the cavalry has already arrived, factory-installed in our own bodies- our immune systems. At incalculable cost, the cavalry has been ignored by those entrusted with community health, to the world’s collective detriment. Have you heard any impactful, constructive health advice given by the government or public health authorities over the past 18 months? It is as if our God-given immune systems and overall body wisdom is itself a conspiracy theory.

Ronald Reagan, the late US President once said, only half-jokingly: “the nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’ “.

Our Symptoms are Not Our Foes!

Our global public health and medical systems are failing. There is an urgent need to rethink established beliefs. We do not need better technology. Nor more doctors, drugs or vaccines. We do not need more funding. There is no need for more hospitals or research facilities. We have a goodly supply of these already, for the situations where modern medicine is at its very best: in emergency situations and in highly specialized areas.

We are, however, in desperate need of a paradigm revolution. Health is not built on profligate financial investment. If it was, then the USA would be the healthiest nation on earth, as they spend far more money per capita on health services than any other country. Paradoxically though not surprisingly, the USA has one of the worst health records in the industrialized world, having gone two consecutive years with falling life expectancy, one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, one of the highest obesity rates in the world and concomitantly one of the highest hospitalization rates. The USA spends more money on drugs and symptom-suppression than any other country and yet is experiencing a chronic and acute disease emergency.

A New Paradigm of Health and Disease is Desperately Needed

We need to start looking at life, particularly the condition of life we call sickness, which every human has experienced in greater or lesser degrees, through a different lens. Instead of viewing our sickness, symptoms and signs (inflammation, fever, coughing, anorexia, skin eruptions, vomiting, headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, brain fog etc etc) as enemies or adversaries to life, or signs the human body has lost control, we need to view these processes as life-affirming, life-defending and intelligently directed and controlled. Far from losing control, the human body manifests acute symptoms because IT IS IN CONTROL! Symptoms only get out of control when we disregard the natural order and work against our body’s intelligence by suppressing them. Symptoms are not implemented by the body to harm us, but to save us! This is not a new view.

The Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Yung was awake to this truth when he stated: “A man is ill, but the illness is nature’s attempt to heal him”.

The symptoms associated with illnesses like the common cold, influenza, covid-19, shingles, chronic fatigue syndrome and others are in fact a means of preserving and saving life! They may be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and sometimes very painful, but nevertheless they are not disorders, as is the medical view. They are orderly, and a necessary part of the healing process. Indeed, they are allies in disguise, as the greatest health educator in history, Dr Herbert Shelton said in his epic book ‘ Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws‘. Disease is a means of saving life.

As one of the greatest thinkers in history, Dr Trall stated 160 years ago: “the symptoms of acute disease, and the recovery from that disease, are identical processes” (2).

Please camp on this quote for a few seconds, and really think about it. It carries profound insight.

At the risk of belaboring the point, our acute symptoms are protests, flashing danger ahead unless we cease and desist! In acute illness, desistance is far more important than assistance.

Illness, acute or chronic, even microbe associated, is our body’s intelligent attempt to get our undivided attention!

Animals and babies that are sick instinctively refuse to eat. They lie down and rest, and typically recover. How and why has our health care system not learnt these innate survival imperatives.

The Pandemic Should Have Been a Clarion Call!

Sadly, a very large percentage of people in the world are in poor health. They often carry excess weight, eat a devitalized, animal-heavy, low-nutrient diet, are TATT (Tired All The Time), imbibe regular social poisons like alcohol and caffeine, smoke tobacco, get inadequate sleep and rest, “soldier-on” through fatigue and pain, take a plethora of medications and get inappropriate levels of exercise (mostly too little but sometimes too much!). Many people engage in an undeclared war upon their bodies, and don’t know it. Such people are enervated (TATT) and live under a constant toxic handicap. Whatever illness they experience, be it acute illness or chronic disease, such diseases evolve upon the foundations of enervation and toxemia

And then we blame a virus!

Instead of re-evaluating our modes of living, we blame something external and add more insult to our bodies by feeding and drugging it. As Dr Bernie Siegel states in his wonderful book Prescriptions for Living; “Listen to your body. It speaks the truth unless drugged. Listen to your symptoms and follow their directions”.(3)

This is patently evident with Covid-19. Most of those who have sadly passed away with it (notice I said with it, not from it) were in compromised health already, co-morbid, on multiple medications, were very overweight or very old and fragile. The few who have died who were not in that category were drugged, fed and symptom-suppressed in the mistaken belief that their symptoms were anathema to life. The heavens are full of such unfortunates who have perished over the centuries because of the allopathic compulsion to intervene and routinely suppress symptoms.

We have spent billions of dollars on the war against chronic disease, and chronic diseases are winning. We have spent billions of dollars on the war against acute disease and we have a present day global crisis in antibiotic resistance and epidemic infections. Acute disease is winning. 

My friends reading this, read carefully. What will save you is the best doctor in the world: Dr YOU. Mother Nature is the best nurse. It would be churlish to argue that there is never any need for medical interventions like intubation and some judiciously used medications in extreme cases, as there most certainly is, but on an individual level, your health and your recovery from any illness, whether acute or chronic, rests more with you and the choices you make. Your condition is more determined by what you do with you, in health and sickness, than anything else. Public health is never nuanced. It is cut-and-paste health advice, assembly-line medicine. Your cavalry is within you, ready to defend you, which indeed is nuanced to your individual needs and capacities. You just have to know how to best mobilize it.

Putting Health Wisdom into Practice

If you are experiencing a chronic illness and wish to improve your health to the best of your body’s capacity,  you can do no better than to audit your entire life-style, including your nutrition, stress, work, rest, sleep, activity, social poisons like alcohol and caffeine, sun and fresh air exposure and other variables. Seek out a life-style and nutritionally literate health care professional (hopefully with some knowledge of fasting) and consult them, with a willingness to be teachable and to be ready to make some changes. The only way will be up.

Do not keep doing what you have been doing because you will keep getting what you have been getting!  As a caveat, this advice is not meant as license for anyone to eschew medical treatment.

If you are experiencing an acute illness which hopefully you will view differently now, remember what Dr Trall taught his patients 170 years ago and what the authorities did on Corey Hill in 1919 during the Spanish Flu. Biology has not changed in that time:

1) Do not feed it;

2) Do not treat it.

I addition ….REST! Lie down. Don’t stretch or exercise at all. Keep warm, especially the feet. Open the window(s) to allow fresh air in. Do not gorge on water. Drink water when dry or thirsty. Don’t soldier-on, which you will recall was the motto promoted for 20 years by the pharmaceutical industry and the Codral ad. Those who know me will recall I have been banging on about this for nearly 40 years, long before the public health authorities woke up. Soldiering-on has killed more people than soldiering!

The more energy conserved, the quicker and more complete the recovery. Nothing potentiates the immune system more than bed rest and fasting, when acutely sick. It is what animals and children do instinctively without being directed. And then something weird happens: the children grow into adults and think their instincts are no longer relevant.

Modern Research Backs This Up!

These Natural Hygiene principles are not part of any public health advice…yet.  In fact the opposite is true, with symptoms being routinely suppressed in every western country around the world. The good news is a change in paradigm is evident. Some scientists are seeing the truth in how to best manage acute viral-associated illnesses and are bravely reporting it. One of these, Professor Stephen Hoption Cann, no less a Professor of Public Health at the University of British Columbia, is one such thought-leader. You can hear his interview with Dr John Campbell here. The interview is so compelling that Dr Campbell admits what he has been doing with sick patients for decades now will be discontinued. The article authored by Professor Hoption Cann in April 2021 can be read here.

Professor Hoption Cann states that the detailed studies he and his team have done contradict the global public health and medical advice on the treatment of patients who are acutely sick, including Covid-19 patients. The evidence shows that feeding, suppressing fevers and over-hydrating febrile patients are dangerous interventions which could increase mortality, not decrease it.

I encourage you to cast trepidation aside. With widespread hysteria and fear polysaturation at unprecedented levels, divorce yourself from this virus-phobia. Take comfort in the transformative truths of Dr Trall 160 years ago and now backed by Professor Hoption Cann. Application of this wisdom builds faith and robust health, not fear and feeble sickness.

This wisdom will never become popular because it relies on self-responsibility. It encourages self-empowerment. Its message is: you are more powerful than you know. Your body has NOT lost control when you display symptoms, despite what BigPharma might tell you. Remember, there is little financial profit to be made when people adopt this mode of living. There is much less money to be made when people heed Professor Hoption Cann’s advice not to feed and drug fevers. I make no money from spending 12 hours writing this article. I do it not to dictate, but to educate. Any feedback is welcome, as it’s the only return on my investment I appreciate.

In summary, I contend Dr Trall would be smiling up at Professor Hoption Cann from his grave.

God’s delays are not God’s denials!


1) The True Healing Art by Dr Russell Trall, a book transcribed from a talk he gave at The Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC in 1860 to his medical colleagues on why the standard approach of symptom-suppression of patients with cholera, typhoid, measles, pneumonia,  smallpox and other acute illnesses so prevalent at the time, was leading to a 30-40% mortality rate in those patients. With his leave-alone measures, he had lost not one patient in 16 years;

2) The Plague of the Spanish Lady by Richard Collier, 1974 pp 78-79;

3) Prescriptions for Living by Dr Bernie Siegel, 1998 pp xvii.